Duration of the visit 90 minutes

> If you take the cable car to the Citadel, make sure you arrive at least one hour in advance at the embarkation point (Place Maurice Servais) to ensure that you are on time for your guided tour (or the tourist train ride). 

> Reservations (mandatory) are only made on this website at the latest the day before your arrival.
It is no longer possible to book online on the day of your visit.
Purchases can be made directly on the spot, at the Terra Nova reception desk, subject to tickets still being available.
No reservations by e-mail or telephone.

Departures of the underground visits at the Terra Nova Visitors Center.
The visit of the underground passages and its original scenography is very suitable for children.

 Not accessible to dogs.

> Departure of the tour is at the Terra Nova Visitor Centre.

> No dogs allowed.

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Prices and timetables

You can discover 450 meters of the restored galleries in a guided tour that immerses you in the history of the Citadel.

Along the route, 3D animations, projections and sound effects reinforce and illustrate the guide's narrative.

Guided tour

Guided tour

This guided tour allows you to dive into the bowels of the Citadel. So as to better understand its history and that of its underground passages, and also to become aware of all the work invested in the construction of the fortress.

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It is advisable to book your underground tour online or if you have not done so, to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure time. The number of places is limited.

You can only book your online tickets on the day of your tour, not in advance. Departure of the tour is at the Terra Nova Visitor Centre.

Tickets purchased online cannot be refunded if you cancel the visit.