Guy Delforge Perfumery Workshop

Guy Delforge Perfumery Workshop

This perfume creation center, unique in Northern Europe, allows everyone to understand the different and delicate phases of the production of a perfume. The scents are born and ripen in the bowels of the Citadel, in the casemates of the Charles V era.

Guy Delforge, a true conductor of fragrances, has designed an underground route where you can discover each stage of this extraordinary profession: the symphony of the mixture of scents, the composition, the maceration, the aroma of a perfume, the olfactory tests, frosting, filtration, packaging...

You can also visit an exhibition on perfumery, with sculptures and paintings. This experience of 'sound, lights and perfumes' is so captivating that the outside world seems far away.

In the Citadel's underground passages, Guy Delforge creates and produces ten high-quality lines of perfume for demanding customers.

Perfumes are also for sale here.

La Vieille Forge - The Old Forge

La Vieille Forge - The Old Forge

La Vieille Forge, located in the Logis Comtal (Dukes Residence) area, hosts a talented artist who exhibits and sells her ceramics, acrylic paintings on canvas and jewelry (enamel on earthenware and metal).

Curious about all the techniques of creative art, Véronique Henri has explored many facets of ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts and in the course of internships with various ceramicists. She likes to experiment with form, materials, surfaces and the firing process.

She also explored painting (at the Academy of Fine Arts in Namur), brassware, glass art and silver wire work.

Another thing to discover here are 'the Namureux of the Citadel', original creations representing couples of lovers strolling on the heights of the Citadel.

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